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3Rs I Syllabus





3Rs I Syllabus, Fall Semester 2015

The assignments below are due on the dates shown. Please bring journals to the first few classes.

08/31 Book report due on Indian Captive: 300 words. This is the only book report you’ll ever write in this class.

Harp and Laurel Wreath: Psalm 23, p. 49 memorize

Read Genesis 1, Exodus 20.

Bring Bible to class.

Bring Blue Book of Grammar to class.

Journal 2x



Model writing at home: Exodus 20: Ten Commandments

Harp and Laurel Wreath: “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes” 118 memorize

Harp and Laurel Wreath: “In Coventry,” 223; read and answer questions. “The Vulture,” 224; read and answer question.

Read Proverbs Chapters 9—14

Journal 2x



Read Writer’s Inc. in class: “Writing Sentences” and “Writing Paragraphs.”

Model writing on 10 Commandments due.

Read Proverbs Chapters 15—20

Model writing exercise: Proverbs

Journal 2x



Work on Proverbs essay: 400 words.

Read Writer’s Inc. “Writing Persuasive Essays.”

Journal 2x


09/28 Read Writer’s Inc. “Writing With Style.”

Proverbs essay due

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes, pages 1--92

Journal 2x



Read Writer’s Inc. in class: “A Guide to Revising.” Revise Proverbs essay at home.

Read The Essential Calvin and Hobbes, pages 93--181H & LW, “Requiem,” 339. Memorize and answer questions.

H & LW, “Matilda,” 246—247. Answer questions.

Journal 2x.



Proverbs essay revised and due.

Harp and Laurel Wreath, p. 225—229. Answer questions.

Finish The Essential Calvin and Hobbes.

H & LW, “When I Was In Love,” 232. Memorize and answer questions.?Journal 2x.



Begin descriptive essay of Calvin or Hobbes. 400 words

H & LW, pages 239—245. Read and answer questions.

Journal 2x.



H & LW, “Sea Fever,” 75. Memorize.

Essay due.  Journal 2x.



In class: select an essay topic.                                                                         True Grit, first quarter of book

Journal 2x.



True Grit, second quarter of book

Begin persuasive essay on topic of your choice as discussed in class.

Review Writer’s Inc. on the persuasive essay.

Journal 2x.

Journals due.


True Grit, Finish book

Persuasive essay due.

Harp and Laurel Wreath, “Preparedness,” 266. Memorize and answer question

Journals returned.

11/23 Thanksgiving break



Quiz on True Grit/Gift of the Magi, assigned stories/Begin Christmas essay, “Family Traditions.” 400-750 words./Journal 2x



Gift of the Magi, assigned stories.                                                             Christmas Essay due: “Family Traditions.” 400—750 words.

Review in class Writer’s Inc. “Expository Essay.”

Harp and Laurel Wreath: Read pages 62—63, 340—343. Answer questions on 343.

Journal 2x.

The Hobbit.

Journal 2x.


12/21—01/04 Christmas break.

Finish The Hobbit/Journal 2x


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